Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The most exciting player to watch in the NBA right now. So, who's he? Let me get things straight.
  • His name is Jeremy Lin
  • Wearing number 17 of New York Knicks
  • He's Asian-American. 
  • Harvard University graduate.
  • Playing as a point guard position. 
  • Leads the Knicks even without their star players Carmelo and Stoudemire.  
  • Beat the LA Lakers lately. He totally outshine Kobe in that game.
  • Even his picture was being covered for" Sports Illustrated" recently.

His quotes after that game : "I try to trust in God and whatever circumstances he puts me through, grow as a person
even more exciting is the fans keep screaming "LIN FOR MVP" towards him after that game.

This man was completely being ignored  both college recruiters and pro scouts before. It could be explained that people don't believe that Asian descent are not built for basketball.

But somehow, this rookie player proved them all wrong. Being underdog player before but today his name is more famous than broadway. 

u guys should watch him play. via live or youtube. totally worth it.

This is NBA. Where amazing happens.

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