Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Manchester United

Glory glory glory Man United.
The crowd keep cheering eventhough it is raining we keep united.
The crowd keep cheering until the match is done.
The crowd keep cheering even our team is lose.

I am a die-hard fan.
Whether the jersey is ugly or not. We play with pride.
Started with Cantona, Becks, and Ronaldo for the famous number 7.
They all being recruited by the masterminded Sir Alex Ferguson.

Since the era of 1960's we are always be the greatest
Our success will always remain in the memories
The theater of dream always be our witnesses
Thanks to legends like George Best we are still better than the rest

All the fans goes wild throughout the world even at bolivia.
When they know that their team score the match winner.
Whether it is black or white we united against racism.
Knowing that we have one thing in common.

That's Manchester United.

p/s : can't wait for the next season to start

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