Monday, August 8, 2011

urbanscapes 2011

what a great event man. it was happen at 16 july 2011. summer event. 


bayar rm 30 masuk..beli kat rock's corner midvalley dgn adik aku. adik pon nk follow so aku on sajo la..haha

we go by train..maklumla..aku xde lesen kete lg..cmtu la nasib nye. 

best doe..petang2 x best sgt..takat bleh cuci mata pon ok la. malam la kemuncak nya.


there were 3 stages in the event..main stage, junk stage and i-do-not-know-what-is-the-name stage

but i spent my enjoyment in the junk stage..yeehaaw


artis nih main dlu..time tu ramai cm nk masuk mood je..korg nih x prnah gi gig ke ape?..tercangang je..hadoii


ini artis plak masuk dgn spin cd and mixing table..skali dorg putar je.. mak ai..feeling abis! 

time tu mmg ramai dh mnari gelek2 loncat2..mmg cm sasau abis la. yg in front of a row dh tuang aku x pnah minum mnde2 haram nih..serious. 


anyway, met my friend saniy, old friends jabar, qayyum n nazreen, new friends hilmy, nadia, eza, izzah and meon. maybe i'm do not know much abt the new friends..but we have many in that's cool. 

i would like to post pictures in my blog..but i can't because of the brukband yang lembab. 

see you again next year guys!

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